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Toyota Lucida Estima

located in Christchurch and listed under Cars & Campervans

Hi everyone,

For sale, TOYOTA LUCIDA ESTIMA 3 600 $ (2 400 € ), in Christchurch.

Fully equipped and fitted out for traveling.

WOF and REGO renewed 21/03/3017

Well maintained and reliable car, she's ready to go !


Automatic, petrol, 1996, 314 xxx km.

Distribution chain.


With her millage, she has the experience and skills to drive you through any routes, leading you to the most beautiful landscapes and secret places.

We did not have anything to change on her or to replace while our 7 000 km together.  We just made the rooftop opening option easier :). 

She has the charm of the old ladies with some scratches for sure, but her engine and gear do perfectly work.

Not grumpy yet, she wakes up easely in a good mood every morning, even early.

The only difficulty you may have, ... to leave each other at the end of your trip !



-usb plug (on cigarette lighter)



-real matelas for 2 peoples. Duvet,  pillows, sheets





-all dishes to cook and eat (2 boxes of them)

-gaz cooker

-24L water containers

-isotherm bag

-basin (very convenient to clean wherever you are !)


Living Room

-1 table, 2 chairs



-2 sleeping bag

-1 hiking bag 50 L

-1 tent 3 people

-1 small matelas



-1 solar portative shower




-Badminton rackets

-snorkeling equipement (mask and scuba, glasses)

-very large beach mat


Car accessories

-half full oil can


- tools

-cleaning products



-Gloves, lights, led lights, ...


Please contact me (Ophelie) at 02 74 19 28 40 (NZ number).


Our Toyota is available from the 1st of April

Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

Please be aware of scammers that have been operating on buy and sell websites such as ours. They claim to be working away but will want to buy and sell a vehicle remotely. DO NOT engage with these enquiries or transfer any money without meeting the buyer or seller in person.

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