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Toyota Hiace Self Contained Van

located in Christchurch and listed under Cars & Campervans

Toyota Hiace Self Contained campervan

Petrol, 4cyl 2L, automatic transmission, long wheelbase, 215xxx km

REGO 06/2017

WOF 06/2017

Certified Self Contained (2 people) until 10/2020

3 seats with seatbelts in front


I've had this van for a bit over a month -- used it to tour the South Island and now my trip will come to an end. I wish I could drive it across the ocean back to America!

It was owned by a landscaping company for the first ~200000km, and then bought by a backpacker who outfitted it to be a campervan. So he's old, but only a 2nd generation backpacker van and has been well taken care of!


The backpacker who set it up did a VERY good job -- it is well designed and built, functional, lots of storage!


There isn't a lot of maintenance history from his previous life, but I do have receipts for the following:

-Upper ball joints, 10 December

-Carburetor cleaning, new fuel filter, 6 March

-Lower ball joints, 8 March

-Regular oil/filter check/change

-Fixing a couple odds and ends


Van features:

-Second deep-cycle battery with isolator. Charged by the alternator when you are driving, isolated from the starter battery when you are not. So you can use electrical power without ever worrying about flatting the starter battery

-300W power inverter to run stuff off mains

-2 cigarette lighter plug with USB charger

-LED strip lighting (fancy with different colors/modes/dimmable)

-Sound system with 2 nice speakers, CD/AUX unit (play music from a cable)

-Tinted windows with curtains -- very private, keeps van cool from sunlight, and most of the windows can slide open

-Slideable/convertable bed -- Can be a couch or a bed, with a proper mattress! Very comfy!!

-Kitchen with moveable cutting boards, surfaces, areas for storage

-Sink and plumbed grey water tank

-Bull bars front and rear, with a BIKE RACK in the front!

-Roof racks


Included equipment:

-Cooking/camp utensils (silverware, plates, cups, bowls, whisks, spatulas, cutting boards, etc etc) enough for 2-3 people

-Two burner stove with LPG bottle

-Lots of tupperware

-Bulk food storage containers (for rice/grains/flour/etc)

-Medium sized chilly bin

-Small electric chilly bin - connects to 12V and can be used to heat or cool

-25L Freshwater tank

-2 nice camp chairs

-Foldable camping table

-Two camp chairs

-Nice GPS system

-Nice pillow and very nice down duvet, other linens and blankets

-Miniature library with heaps of guidebooks, maps, a few novels in german and english

-Solar shower


-Miscellaneous tools

-Other things like decoration, some food, incense, creams, etc


-Acoustic guitar with case for $125 extra


Price is $6750 ONO.

MORE IMAGES: http://imgur.com/a/rTIZg


NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL ABOUT 27 MARCH. Currently travelling around Queenstown/Dunedin/Otago area, will be in Christchurch around 27 March.

Email decktim@gmail.com


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