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Mazda Bongo 2007 Self Contained Price Drop

located in Christchurch and listed under Cars & Campervans


11 500 NZD

-----PRICE DROP-----

Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to... GIGI !  ????

For the ones interested in short and useful informations:
- Mazda Bongo white
- 2007 (WOF once a year)
- 220 000 km – will be max 222 000 for the sale
- Second generation of backpackers !

- WOF valid until October 2019
- REGO valid until 5th March 2019
- SELF CONTAINED certification for two people until 13th October 2021
- Perfect condition

- Automatic transmission
- Petrol
- A/C
- Car fare for the ferry

?? Gigi’s history : 
Gigi was bought in a garage (probably used as a working car) in October 2017 and built by first generetion of backpackers. We bought the van in June 2018 and drove another 5 or 6 000 km without any trouble (She passed last two WOFs without any complication, it wasnt necessary to pay for any repairings).


???? Gigi’s conception :
- 3 seats at the front
- Sliding door at the passenger’s side
- Electric windows at the front + 2 sliding windows at the back 
- Tinted windows at the back (perfect for privacy)
- Central locking & two keys
- Roof rack
- The bed folds into a table and two face to face seats (perfect to play cards, take aperitive and invite some friends)
- The seats are made of three spacious storage units

????? Gigi’s mechanics:
Meticulous and up to date mechanical maintenance. We have all the bills.
- Full mechanical check + full oil service before the van was made into campervan (06/10/2017 – 198 XXX km)
- New cam belt and cleaning of automatic transmission – 198 XXX km
- Full mechanical check in March 2018 – 207 XXX km
- 4 new tyres and wheel alignment done (March 2018 – 207 XXX km) – tyre tread depth on last WOF was 7.5 mm (215 XXX km)
- Full oil service will be done in one or two weeks (last one done on 30 april 2018 – 211 XXX km)
- Spare wheel + gears to replace it
- No rust

???? Gigi’s electronics:
- Power inverter sin wave 600 W plugged on the main battery – you can charge your electronic devices while driving.

- FM transmitter to play your music directly from your phone
- Electric coolbox 32L plugged on the cigarette lighter (don’t forget the fresh beers !)

- Diffuse socket (3x) to be pluged on the cigarette lighter (while driving you can charge your phones and plug a coolbox or play a music through a FM transmitter)

???? Gigi’s kitchen:
The kitchen is at the back of the van – perfect for the odors – but is also accessible from the inside ; ideal for rainy and windy days, or when the sandflies are inviting themselves.
- Work bench, drawers, shelf, folding table, lots of storage for your food and dishes + small plastic containers, 2x plastic box, ...
- Sink with manual pump (big enough to do the dishes)
- 2x 25 liters containers : one for clear water, connected to the tap, one for grey water, connected to the sink
- Double gas cooker et gas bottle (5 to 8 $ to refill, enough to cook 2 or 3 times a day during 3 weeks)
- All the equipment you need to cook for two people, as if you were home
- 2x led lamps on the shelf

???? ???? ???? Gigi’s living room:
- The bed folds into one table and two face to face seats (2 & 3 persons). The van is really spacious.
- Lino on the floor, easy to clean

- Thick carpet under the table (to keep your feet warm during cold weather)

- Folding table behind front seats – possible to put a laptop to watch movies from bed

- Few extra blankets for cold days

???? Gigi’s bedroom:
- King size bed + 1 big duvet, 1 bed sheet, 2 pillows
- Light garlands
- Opaque curtains

???? ???? Gigi’s bathroom: 
- Mirror and loooots of storage
- Solar shower
- Chemichal toilet – never used !

???? ???? Gigi’s garden :
- awning made from poles and tarpaulin fixed to roof rack (great for rainy days – it wont rain into your van and you can also sit outside, and also great for sunny days to have some shade)

- 2 garden chairs + 1 table
- 1x extra Tarpaulin

- clothesline and many many pegs (to dry your clothes)

- big plastic bucket (15 l) (good for washing your clothes or dishes)

????‍?? ????‍?? Gigi’s leisures:
- Body board / 2x Frisbee / Big comfrotable mattress for outside use


Visible for the moment around Queenstown/Cromwell/Wanaka – Christchurch after 19th January. Blenheim, Picton, Wellington or Hawke´s Bay in the end of January or in the begging of February (Auckland possible after discussion).

Did we forget something? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

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