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Self Contained High Top Vanette

located in Christchurch and listed under Cars & Campervans

TLDR: Self Contained until 2022. Low k’s (<120,000 kms) with service history. High top with roof rack and lots of extras.


How you going?! We’re Rebecca and Nolan and this is Penny - a 2007 Nissan Vanette.


We spent the start of our NZ trip looking at vans with Pinterest-y interiors and high odometer readings, only to find water in their engines and dirty fluids in their guts. But then we found Penny - and chose her for her low mileage, detailed service history, and penguin-like good looks.


We have lived comfortably in the van for the past 2.5 months and are now preparing to head to another country and new adventures.


Penny will be ready to start your adventure on day one with everything you need from cozy bedding to a place to put your toothbrush. Penny can report for duty on or after November 14th in Christchurch - but we can be flexible on timing - let us know.


The Vehicle


  • 2007 Nissan Vanette with 117XXX kms (compare to 200k+ for similar vans)

  • SELF CONTAINED until 09/2022 - enabling you to “freedom camp” for free across NZ

  • WOF valid through July 2018

  • Full service record - extending back to Japan - before import to NZ

  • Automatic transmission - not used to driving on the left? One less thing to think about!

  • Roof rack with full sized spare tire - eagerly awaiting your kayak or surfboard

  • High top - means you can properly sit down without hunching even if you’re quite tall (Nolan is 188cm and sits up comfortably)

  • New water pump and cam chain at 110k kms. This is a cam chain rather than cam belt, therefore no belt will need to be replaced (cam belt replacement is the most common and expensive maintenance typically required for campers)

  • Petrol engine - we get about 9.5 km/L (22.5 mpg)

  • JVC Stereo with USB connection (for playing music and charging devices)

  • Front seat upholstery in good condition - no rips etc.

  • Three front seats - handy if you want the ability to pick up hitchhikers to save on petrol $


The Bedroom

  • Queen size bed that stows for daytime use - long enough even for taller folks and wide enough to for couples even on warm nights (most vans have a full size bed)

  • Ample and comfortable bedding - duvet with cover, 125 mm mattress, pillows, throw quilt, NZ wool blanket

  • Curtains sized for all side windows, as well as front and back


The Kitchen, Basement, Bathroom and The Rest

  • Electric chilly bin keeps beer and cheese cold using 12V cigarette lighter outlet

  • Kitchen facilities fully equipped: three burner stove, xx kg gas tank, pots, pans, dishes, silverware, etc.

  • Pull out bamboo table for cooking outside, stove can also be used inside van on rainy days!

  • Sink, fed by 25L fresh water vessel and into 25L grey water container, great for washing up in the evening at freedom camps

  • Lots of hidden storage - space under bed for two large tubs, additional space behind these which is accessible from the backdoor, also ample space between the front seats and sink/chilly bin unit (this is where we keep clothes and dishes so you don’t always need to reach under the bed/sofa for stuff!)

  • Extras - solar shower, Torpedo 7 wind break, tailgate tent/shade structure, clothesline and pins, bungee cords, LED fairy lights, tools (electric drill, electric jigsaw, carpet knife, screws, bits, etc.), fire extinguisher, rubbish bin, first aid kit (safety first!), broom

  • Pristine, and unused, camping toilet


Payment Stuff

  • We’ll ask for a 500 NZD deposit to hold the van as we wait for the transfer to complete

  • TransferWise is preferred but we can do a bank transfer to our US Bank account if it’s easier (https://transferwise.com/i/nolanf4)

  • When the money transfer is complete, we just go to the post office and sign on the dotted line, at which point you get the keys and drive off into the sunset!

Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

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