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Toyota Hiace 1999 Lwb Automatic

located in Auckland and listed under Cars & Campervans

1999 Toyota Hiace LWB (long version)
Automatic shift
246 000 km

WOF until 25/01/2019
REGO brand new, until 19/04/2019

6 seats (3 in the front, 3 in the 2nd seat row) 
Recently serviced (14/07/18, incl. oil change)
Light-tight curtains on every side of the bed
Solid wooden bed frame 
Queen size mattress (200x140cm)

!!! Available in Auckland from 27th-30th October !!! (for other dates please contact us)
we are a backpacker couple from Switzerland selling Monty, our reliable 1999 Toyota Hiace. 
It has 6 seats, a long wheel base and tow bar, is fully equipped for camping and has lots of space. It also comes with a very comfortable 20cm thick, queen size bed (not a thin camping mattress) and a lot of additional camping equipment which is listed below.

The van is super to drive, especially with the automatic shift and the bed is honestly by far the best and not comparable to those foldable thin ones that usually come with the pre-fixed campervans. 
The Hiace has passed its last WOF without complications and got a full service (new oil and oil filter, complete check etc.) as well as new front tires. 
Before winter 2017 the car was a rental camper and therefore very well maintained. After that it belonged to a family who used it to travel but never slept in it. 

Self-contained or without?
The van is currently not self-contained, but we have a local contact in Auckland who can make it self-contained in a few days (take out back seats and build in water sink plus put in a portable toilet) for about 500 NZD. We had no troubles traveling without it having the self-cont. certification, so we saved the costs for the “transformation”.
So if you would like it with a self-contained certification, it can be easily done and you can also decide how you want it to look like.

The three additional seats at the back are very convenient when travelling in a group or picking up hitchhikers to save on fuel money.
They’re also a great place to relax and e.g. watch movies or read when it’s raining or you want to escape the mosquitos. 
Vehicle information record, WOF sheet and more pictures available on request. 
We’re looking forward to hearing from you.
Vero and Edwin
Contact Info:
Call or Text +64 20 4175 2884
WhatsApp +41 77 964 9748
Email    nba.edwin@gmail.com
 1x 10l water container 
2x 55l transparent boxes
2x 60l transparent boxes with lids
-> lots of storage space under the bed
1x three burner stove gas cooker
Aluminium cooking set (1x big, 1x small pot, pan, tea kettle) 
1x 2kg refillable gas bottle + hose (it lasted us all 8 months of cooking without having to be refilled, one refill is less than 10NZD)
Dishes (glasses, cups, plates, cutting board, bowls), boxes for food, cutlery 
Household articles (e.g. laundry detergent powder, dust pan, dishwashing supplies)
1x fm transmitter (to play music from your phone on the car radio) 
1x usb charging adapter for phones, laptops etc.
1x rechargeable camping lantern with car adapter
1x phone mount/holder for GPS
2x solar-powered fairy lights (warm white)
1x big electric cooler box, can be connected to car battery (very useful!)
1x camping table
2× camping chairs
4x pillows (2 flat, 2 fluffy) 
1x mattress (1.40 x 2.00 x 0.2m) 
1x duvet (2 parts, one half can be removed in summer) 
-> incl. 2 types of sheets and covers
1x warm fluffy blanket
2x large towels
tea towels 
1x shimano fishing rod + fishing equipment
1x beach mat
1x small sunshade 
1x big and 1x small laundry basket
1x small cooler/chilly bin 
2x cooling bags for groceries
1x bodyboard
2x waterproof working boots (sizes 10 and 8)
Price: 5600€ or 10’000 NZD (preferred payment option is a bank transfer)

Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

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