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Toyota Hiace Commuter Van

located in Auckland and listed under Cars & Campervans

Hi! Claire and Sam here: Originally from the Midwest of America, we met as students of the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Neither of us are really interested in the idea of locking into a career (at least not yet), so we decided to pack up and see a little bit of the world. That little bit, at the moment, is the beautiful island country of New Zealand.

We're stoked you found our car, BIG MAMA! She's a beaut. And we built her ourselves with so much dedication and looooove :)

GUYS! It doesn't get much better than doing the #vanlife around New Zealand! We couldn't be more stoked for yaaaa. Not only do we have a van to sell (not until November - December 2018) but we also have so much info for you for your travels! Check out our page on insta @theadvanturers. You will find our website there. Our website has all of Big Mama's conversion we did from scratch! Also, be sure to check out all of the delicious meals we cook in Big Mama on insta @funfuelers   ..See ya there!


Below is all the info you need to know about Big Mama! She is full equipped for 1 or 2 adVANturous souls looking for that perfect vehicle you can just throw your bags in and start your journey. Ok, ok, and then organize your belongings in all of the endless storage space!

1999 Toyota HiAce Commuter Van
Details of the van from the manufacturer

Current Kilometers: 375K

* Extended Body:  The Commuter is a longer version of the HiAce which makes room for a queen-size bed and a kitchen

* High Top:  The additional space overhead makes it more comfortable and roomy for daily living.

* Central Locking:  Have peace of mind knowing your home on wheels is all locked up in a single motion.

* Air Conditioning and Heating:  Cool off after a day at the NZ beaches.  Warm up after a day of skiing in Queenstown

* Automatic:  Easy peasy! Learning to drive on the left side of the road can be stressful enough… why add the extra stress of learning to drive manual?

* CD Player/Aux Cord:  How can you road trip without some jams?  Big Mama has speakers and a cord to plug in your Phone so you can listen to all your music.

* Battery:  New Battery was installed mid-2017!  The battery is in excellent health, recharging with every trip.  A USB port charger will be included with the van, so you can charge your phone and tablet on the way.

* Warrant of Fitness (WoF):  Expires on / / . The WoF is NZ’s standard “health checkup” to make sure your vehicle is fit for the road.  Big Mama is as healthy as can be!

* Registration: Expires on June 4, 2019.  You will just need to register the car in your name upon purchase.

* Self-Contained:  Certified! This means you have access to hundreds of free campgrounds throughout New Zealand.

Overall height: 2215mm
 Overall length: 5130mm
 Overall width: 1690mm
 Ground clearance unladen: 190mm
 Wheelbase: 2890mm

Number of cylinders: D4
 Fuel type: Diesel
 Fuel tank capacity: 70L

Click link for further detail:  https://www.carsguide.com.au/toyota/hiace/price/1999/commuter

Big Mama (after the Conversion)
Details of the van from the upgrades we’ve done to make her a happy camper!

* Fridge:  During the summers days you’ll want to keep your fresh-foods fresh.  We’ve added a fridge that runs on LPG (Propane). We have a 4.5 liter tank of gas for the fridge that costs roughly $14 to fill and will last for 14 days (roughly 1 NZD/day to keep your food fresh… not bad at all!)  [Even though we have a Carbon-Monoxide Detector, always turn off fridge while you sleep. This will not only keep you safe, but will also extend the gas tank to about 25 days of use.]

* Stove Top (Burners):  Waking up to make eggs and bacon at the foot of your bed- what a dream!  We have another 4.5 liter tank of gas for the burners. Again, it costs roughly $14 to fill but will last for months before running out.  [Even though we have a Carbon-Monoxide Detector, always cook with plenty of ventilation.]

* Shelves/Drawers (Food & Dish Storage):  You don’t want all your dry foods and canned foods rolling about the van while you’re on the road; that’s why we’ve built the shelving and drawers to fit snuggly so you can whip around the twisting NZ roads without worry.

* Sink:  Of course you’ll need to wash your dishes and drain your canned veggies, so we’ve added a sink that drains into a tank under the counter.  Sorry- no running water; but we just set the tank of clean water on the counter to do dishes (and honestly, you’ll probably end up doing your dishes at the sinks and dump stations throughout NZ).

* Dishes and Utensils:  We’ve got everything you need!  Plates, Bowls, Cutlery, Knives, Plastic Containers, Glass Containers, Spatulas, Cutting Boards, Pots, Pans, Strainers, etc.

Seating Area and Bed
- We built a multipurpose bed that can be assembled as two benches, a U-shaped couch, or a queen-sized bed.  The cushions and boards can be assembled in several different ways to suit your needs.

* Two Benches:  To allow for comfortable daily living, we made it possible to stow away the middle pieces of the bed so that you can sit or lie comfortably on two benches that are separated by a walking isle.
   * Storage:  Under the benches are bins for storage.  This is where we keep all of our clothes, books, and miscellaneous belongings.
   * Tables:  The center pieces of the bed can also be used as adjustable tables by screwing them into swiveling posts.  This is one of our favorite features of the van as it turns the living space into a dining space or an office space.

* U-Shaped Couch:  If you want to get cozy but want to leave some extra space for standing, you can choose to remove only one of the bed’s center pieces to create a U-Shaped Couch.  With this set up you can also set up one of the tables. This is perfect if someone wants to nap comforatbly but the other person wants to do some journaling on the table.

* Queen-Sized Bed:  Of course, with both center pieces in place, the whole bed is assembled.  Because the van is so spacious, we were able to fit a queen-sized bed in for a good night’s rest.

* Inflatable Kayak:  Get out into the rivers and lakes of New Zealand with this easy to inflate kayak.  It feels as sturdy as any other kayak and gives you a whole other way to explore the waters.  And when you’re done, you simply stow it away in the front or back of the van.

* Boogie Boards:  The waves on the coast can be huge!  Make use of them with these bad boys.

* Outdoor Picnic Supplies:  Want to eat outside for a change and enjoy the sunset?  We’ve got foldable chairs and a a foldable table so you can do just that.  How romantic!


AdVANture Toys Included:

~Inflatable 2 person Kayak with paddles (New Condition)

~2 boogie boards

~3 Person Tent (New Condition)

~2 camper chairs + wooden foldable table

~Full Series of Breaking Bad + Better Call Saul on DVD

~Weight set + yoga mat

~The Revenant on DVD

~3 Decks of Cards

~Optional books and clothing from us hip mid-20s Americans ;)

~New stereo with Aux and USB connectivity


We seriously have everything you need. Just bring your backpack full of personal belongings, fill up the VERY spacious fridge.. and off you go!

On-Board Supplies:

  • All bedding for the queen-size space + duvet

  • Bed turns into 2 long couches with optional table on either end + U shape couch option

  • All the kitchen supplies you could possibly need for 2 + people

  • Brand new toilet

  • Mosquitto net for windows (Great for sandflies)

  • Endless storage space for 2 people

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Overhead storage
  • Curtains
  • Tow Bar
  • Insulation everywhere
  • Solar lights
  • All supplies for Self-Containment

The list goes on... check INSTA for more (@the.advanturers) or our food page to see the yummy creations we make in the kitchen (@funfuelers)

And if you REALLY want to go into detail about all of Big Mama's conversion, check out our blog (Link in the.advanturers instagram account)



Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

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