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1996 Nissan Sentra

located in Queenstown/Wanaka and listed under Rides & Bus Passes

Easily the best purchase you'll make in New Zealand. This beauty is the best way to get your gear and you up to the ski fields and beyond. Shes a beautiful 1996 white Nissan Sentra with hatch and tow bar. She is beautiful, adventurous, and very economical. My partner and I drove her down from Auckland in May and she never once gave us any issues. This beautiful creation has been my house, transportation, and friend. She has no mechanical issues and just passed a WOF inspection. Currently, she has 302k kilometers but runs like she hasn't seen a K past 102. Just look at all the adventures she can take you on! Her tires are great, all lights work, and she has an aftermarket headset radio with speakers. Viewings and test drives are available all week but the pick up available on Friday.

Price includes ALL camping gear pictures. 
5-inch foam pad
two chairs
camp kitchenette 
gas stove
plastic containers full of pots and cooking essentials
picnic blanket/beach tarp

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