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Toyota Hiace With Roof Bed And Hot Shower

located in Wellington and listed under Cars & Campervans

Bud the Camper is ready for a new owner. 


Toyota Hiace Van $11000 in Wellington 


What makes Bud so special? 

  • He is self contained for 4 people and sleeps 4, too. Two inside, two on the roof. Although I enjoyed the space to myself most of the time. 
  • The roof box comes with a foam mattress and tailor made flynet. It’s canvas that can also be zipped up for windy days and is waterproof for rainy nights. 
  • With his own water storage underneath you get 100l fresh water for: kitchen, watertap at the rear (handy for cleaning sandy feet) and a separate tap for the shower. 
  • Hot Shower that attaches on the boot door with shower curtain - this makes you completely independent. 
  • Two grey water tanks so you don’t have to empty them all the time.
  • Separate house battery with plugs for phones, laptops and maybe even a fan for the summer. There are 4 USB ports, 2 12V ports and an inverter for normal plugs. 
  • The house battery gets charged through the solar panel on the roof box and through car once the car battery is full. 
  • Two gas bottles: one for the kitchen and the other for HOT water ( yes, you can have a hot shower wherever you are) 
  • Sound system with radio that has Apple ports and AUX. The radio is wired into the house battery so you will never risk draining the car battery. 
  • Lots of storage space under the benches. 
  • The deck on the roof is perfect for hanging out with a killer view. 
  • Tinted windows for maximum privacy 
  • LED lighting inside
  • Chilly bin that’s wired into car battery
  • Chemical toilet with chemicals supplied 
  • Storage boxes for underneath the benches. Honestly loads of space. 


The roof box: 

It’s made out of timber and is very sturdy with multiple layers of paint to protect it. It also has a lock on the front. Due to storm damage I’d had to make a new lid, which is now even better quality. (Pink was the only paint I had available, but you can easily repaint it) 

The canvas can be rolled up, zipped up or left open (fly net closed against mosquitoes) and this is a heavenly way to sleep in nature while doing some amazing stargazing. 


Repairs I have done:

  • Fixed old parts of the roof box, all sanded down and freshly painted plus fixed a 150V solar panel on it 
  • Second battery for all your things that need charging (with separate inverter) 
  • Replaced water hoses for the water system 
  • New front lights (replaced the whole system in the front for easier bulb exchange) 
  • New clutch at 437xxxkm



  • Toyota Hiace 1993
  • 438xxx km Don’t be put off by the mileage. Bud starts like a champ every day, drives smoothly and has no issues. You’re welcome to consult a mechanic should you wish to. 
  • Fresh WOF (until November 2018, they’re only 6 month warrants) 
  • Self contained until December 2018  ( will not be an issue to get it renewed) 
  • Rego until October 2018 
  • Diesel manual (Road user charges are about 70$ for 1000km) 
  • Two new rear tyres
  • New coolent thermometer
  • Recent wheel alignment
  • Full service 10.000km ago and will do one before I sell him 


I travelled with Bud for 11.000km on both Islands with no problems whatsoever. He’s a sturdy van and has dealt with many dodgy gravel roads, too. 


Since I am no longer traveling, this big vehicle is not really feasible anymore and I’d like to get a smaller car. Bud likes long journeys and so driving him for 20 min every day to and from work is not great for him. 


I’m in no rush to sell, viewings can be arranged anytime in Wellington or close to. 



Payment can also be made in Euros. 

Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

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