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Air Beds And 5 Person Tent For Sale

located in Nelson/Picton and listed under Everything Else

Hello fellow travellers!!

We bought our van and it came with loads of extra things, too much for us to store along with our limited storage space!

We get it's probably the wrong time of year for selling a tent, but we're open to offers and happy to offer a job lot deal if you can take all of it away for us!

For the air beds we're looking for 30 bucks each, and we have two singles, for the 5 person tent about 80, but altogether we'd happily see it all off for 100 bucks!

Again, we're open to offers! We'll be travelling the South Island for the next 4 months, but prefferably we don't want to be lugging it all around!

Please give us a ring if you're interested on 02041562889!

All the best, and safe travels!

Josh and Holli.

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