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1996 Honda Odyssey 4wd

located in Auckland and listed under Cars & Campervans

Hello fellow backpackers,

we are a japanese couple and we backpacked through NZ for one year with our 1996 Honda Odyssey.

Now we planning to leave soon and would like to sell our beloved Honda. He offert us warmth and shelter along our journey as a house and a car and was allways a reliable parnter.

His Vehicle-Licence is valid until 09/18 and his WOF is also vailid until 09/18 and he will defenitly pass the next one. The car is in best shape with only 218,000 km and NO engine or performance problems at all.

You can adjust his inner space, so it's fitting your needs. It offers plenty of space, you can fit 7 persons in the car or fold down 5 seats to make more free room for lugage or even built a bed in it to make it your mobile home. 

With the car we give you following equipment for FREE :

- Camping equipment 

-- 3*Chairs 

-- Low Table 

-- Yoga mat (semi-double)


-- Sleeping Bag

-- Cookware (plate, cup, fork, knife, spoon, etc)

-- Hair dryer

If you are interested please feel free to contact us at any time. 

Price is negogiable 

Kind regards

Seiya Hashimoto & Yuki Osumi 

Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

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