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Toyota Estima With Bed Inside Foldup Table Foldup Kitchen

located in Auckland and listed under Cars & Campervans

I am selling my awesome campervan Nelson. He will be available in Auckland from around 25th of may.


- Automatic 

- Petrol 

- Chain (no cambelt!) 

- 261 XXX km (approx...currently at 260 XXX km)

- WOF expires August 16, 2018

- REGO expires July 2018

- Price: 4.500 NZD negoziable/ono

The car is fully equipped and ready to go: 

-A bedroom space with a comfy mattress, blankets, pillows and sheets 

-Easy table to bed system - can even be done from inside the car in case it's raining. This gives you good opportunity to sit inside on colder or rainy days and in the evenings. Also excellent to escape NZ sandflies and mosquitoes! This feature is rare in this type of vehicle.

- Great curtains for privacy - they are dark for great sleeping and a true cinematic experience!

-A kitchen space with fold-down workspace and boxes for food and dishes, 2 x 13 litre coolers, 2 x 10 litre drinking water canisters, 2 gas cookers (and any gas canisters I have left included), all the necessary dishes such as plates, mugs, regular glasses and wine glasses, bowls, cutlery, 2 frying pans, 2 pots, toaster for the gas cooker, salad bowl, cheese graiter, cutting boards, coffee plunger (Bodum), cooking utensils and tools (can opener, peeler, scissors, etc.) I will also give you any food and supplies I have left including spices, olive oil, etc. 

-Lots of under bed storage for clothes and luggage 

-Also included: windscreen sunshade, sleeping bags, 2 foam roll mats, an inflatable roll mat, solar shower, 2 camping chairs and a foldable camping table, sun umbrella, tarp for rainy days, hot water bottle for colder nights, clothes pegs, an AUX plug (no CD player), touring and campground maps, assortment of books, USB cigarette lighter charger, solar globe fairy lights, LED torch, table light, peg baskets, containers to keep things organized in the storage area, food containers for left overs, laundry hanger, tools (socket set, jack kit), dishwashing basins, tea towels, cleaning supplies, jumper cables, and more. 

I have had the car for 3 month and had it inspected when I bought it. The garage confirmed it is a very good van. I had all recommended work done to have a reliable and safe car...which it really was and still is. The van has new driveshaft couplings, new front ball joints, new airfilter & injection cleaned (good for saving fuel). It is also ready for winter as it has new spark plugs and ignition leads and the battery was tested still very good. Records of repairs are available. All four tires are still pretty new. The body of the vehicle is in very good shape compared to other similar vehicles and the engine is also in good shape and reliable. The design offers an excellent 180 degree view, perfect for those scenic drives. It is easily the most common campervan you will see out there, for good reason. The other benefit of this is that if you end up needing a part, they are very easy and cheap to source. However this should not be necessary as all necessary repairs were done and it's ready to drive away immediately! Do not let the age of the vehicle (1992) dissuade you - me and also the preowners have taken better care of this car by maintaining it at the garage and investing over $2000 to make sure it is both safe and in awesome shape (whereas many backpackers just do the bare minumum to keep it running). Not to forget it gets cleaned regulary to keep the interior nice.

Payment accepted in NZD (cash) or EURO (cash or bank transfer).

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

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