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Honda Odyssey 1996

located in Auckland and listed under Cars & Campervans

Hello fellow travellers,

after 2 months of touring this beautiful country it´s time for me to sell my wonderful companion.

It comes with everything you need to start your adventure right away; Aircon, audio player (with usb, bluetooth) and it has a comfortable bed built in. I exchanged the matress for a new, more comfotable, four weeks ago. Also, it comes with a gas stove and all the equipment for cooking and dining for two or more people, 2 pillows, one blanket, two sleeping bags, 4 camping chairs, one table and water containers. It has tainted windows for some privacy.

The tires were changed in march. A new battery and a new alterator in april.

It comes with some extras like a Yoga mat and an multipurposeplug with adaptor and some more small stuff.

The WOF expires 09/2018 so you don´t need to worry about it either.

Rego: 05/2018


Honda Odyssey 1996

Petrol / Automatic transmission

Odormeter: 294 000 km

Price:1100$ (negotiable) as I am leaving soon and need to have it gone :)

Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

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