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Toyota Hiace Selfcontained

located in Wellington and listed under Cars & Campervans

 I travelled for 4 months in my van but unfortunately my plan changed and I have to sell my van. Toyota has the reputation to be “unbreakable”. My van is in very good conditions (my mechanic today, just told me that again 😉) and will bring you everywhere.



- it always starts at the first attempt 

- Toyota Hiace HL 113 1996, 2.8 litres engine, 3 front seats

- 299990 K’s

- WOF until September 2018

- Rego until January 2019

- Self Contained certificate until 2022

- Diesel manual 5 gears: REAL consumption of 9 to 10l/ 100km (more economical than automatic gears and petrol vans)

- oil lever checked, oil and oil filter change every 10.000 K’s in a garage (last one today, 10/05/2019)

- tyres in very good condition (front tyres bought in January + balance)



- 2 x batteries – one only for the car and the other one for charging devices, lights

- 2 USB plugs on each side of the bed

- 1 x LED lamp on the ceiling

- 2 x LED Stripes on each side of the bed

- 300-watt power converter (2USB Plugs, 1 x plug) in the front to charge all your devices



- Insulation: floor insulation (2 layers under the wood), 2 layers of glass wool on ceiling, walls and back. Whole van covered with Plywood (sanded and treated).

- 3 Curtains and a sliding wood panel in the back

- Insulation + curtains keeps the cold, sounds and lights outside

- fully equipped kitchen: cooker with 2 burner to 9kg gas bottle

- 2 x 25l water tanks for clear/ grey water

- hand pump tap with sink

- easy dumping system (hose connected to the tank – clear water/ grey water)

- door between front and back to keep is separated

- AC front and back

- HEATER in front and back

- lots of storage room + boxes for backpacks, food, etc.

- REAL double mattress (190 x 140) with 4 pillows, winter sheets, blankets etc.

- all kitchen utensil as dishes, knives, forks, cutting board, 3 x pans and pot

- 2 camping chairs

- chemical toilet (not in use!!) 

- bin

- chiller to keep the beer cold 😊


As you can see my car is very special and has a lot of features! You can have my car for $10.500.


Just shoot me a message for viewing or any questions.



Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

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