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1997 Toyota Estima Self Contained

located in Auckland and listed under Cars & Campervans

// Asking price: NZD 5,600 ono / EUR 3,315 -- accepting EUR, NZD, PayPal

// All serious offers and negotiations welcome :)

// Selling in Auckland, Taupo, Wanganui, or elsewhere on the North Island


· 1997 (so before the flimsy plastic facelift, this is some real aluminium sheet metal)
· 206,xxx kms only
· automatic with manual overdrive (more fuel efficiency than other automatics)
· self-contained till 2021
· new WOF
· new rego
· chain-driven
· great fuel mileage (between 500 and 570 kms per tank!)
· $1,300 worth of repairs and servicing:
· refurbished starter motor (worth $340)
· plumbing and self-containment services (worth $230)
· refurbished ignition distributor (worth $230)
· new spark plugs and minor repairs at 203.000 kms (worth $500)
· new tyres at 196,000 kms
· new shocks at 196,000 kms
· 1st backpacker generation (bed, boxes, chilly bin, etc. in mint or new condition)
· 4 Supercat tyres with great tyre tread, on 15" alloy wheels
· easy access compartment under the bed
· heaps of storage space under the bed
· tons of great hiding places for your valuables


· power converter (worth $150)
· Navman GPS (worth $120)
· Blaupunkt CD radio
· USB chargers
· various tools
· storage boxes, 25l chilly bin, 6 freeze blocks, foldable table, 2 foldable chairs, kitchen utensils, pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, 2 gas cookers, rubbish bin, fire extinguisher, and much more (worth $250)
· Pearl River acoustic guitar (worth $120)
· new and unused toilet (worth $100)
· brandnew and unused Skinny sim card - just active it online and you've got your NZ phone number with your custom data plan!
· custom-fitted kitchen with custom 40l grey water tank, 25l fresh water tank, aluminium sink and tap, fold-away table top ($500)
· custom-built wooden middle console to store important items
· the biggest campervan bed ever (190cm x 140)
· foam mattress (forget about super-thin squab mattress pieces that wiggle around!) (worth $150)
· hand-sown darkblue curtains
· new and unused solar shower
· thermos flask
· romantic solar-charged fairy lights on a re-designed ceiling
· sleeping bag
· 1 extra camping cooking pot set
· 1 extra styro foam chilly bin
· warm jackets
· gumboots, size 8-9
· snorkeling gear and flippers, size 8-9 (worth $40)
· tons of information, brochures, tips and tricks about how to make this one beautiful journey
· lots of nifty ideas and beautiful decorations to make this one kick-ass great campervan

Dear fellow travelers,

the time has come to sell our beloved SPUDLEY, honestly the greatest car we have ever owned. Ever!

Why? Because this derpy cute car has taken us to all the beautiful places and has made this a fantastic journey for us.

You are gonna see so many rough backpacker vans with +300.000 kms under the belt, with kitchen items cramped in the back no one can see outside the back window, with lots of compromises, dents, rust, and more -- trust us, you are gonna LOVE Spudley, because none of that is an issue with him.

We bought the car from a Kiwi who had been a long-term owner and bought it off a Japanese family. We converted it into a beautiful and functional campervan that is self-containment certified till 2021, so essentially, we are the 1st backpacker generation, and you are going to be the second. Which means that most items, boxes, chilly bin, kitchen, etc. are almost new, in mint condition, and less than a year old. It also means, that not 27 or more people will have slept in your bed before you. Keep that in mind ;).

To ensure that you are gonna have an amazing time as well, we had Spudley checked regularly. All in all we've spent repairs and servicing worth $1,300 on the starter motor, ignition distributor, spark plugs, and minor repairs. Needless to say that we're happy to provide you with proof and receipts.

Spudley has a great fuel mileage, we traveled between 500 and 550 km (top record was about 567 km with one filled tank). This is possible because of the manual overdrive which allows you to drive this automatic car almost like a regular manual. All in all, we got about 13,500 km under the belt which leaves Spudley with only 206,xxx kms on the odo. That is absolutely nothing for a campervan (trust us, you are gonna see some serious sh*t :D), let alone an Estima. A nice perk is, that Estimas are virtually everywhere here, because they're reliable, trusty, and safe. So if you ever need spare parts of repairs, pretty much any mechanic can easily fix your car problems and find cheap spare parts.

Also, we should mention that the great thing about Spudley is, that he's unobtrusive. You don't want a car that screams BACKPACKER VAN -- ALL OUR VALUABLES ARE IN HERE! Spudley flies under the radar and presents plenty of great hiding options for your passport, money, tablets, laptops, or cameras (happy to show you those). When building the extra big bed, we made sure that most items are easy to access for you, but hard to find for potential burglars. Maximum safety ftw!

Besides all these great perks, the car comes with tons of extras. Seriously. TONS of extras! Such as power converter, Navman GPS, custom-fitted kitchen, new and unused toilet, Blaupunkt radio, Supercat tyres on 15" alloy wheels, the biggest bed you can have (190cm x 140cm), heaps of storage room, chilly bin with freeze blocks, Pearl River acoustic guitar, table, brandnew and unused Skinny sim card, foldable chairs, snorkeling gear with flippers, kitchen utensils, fairy lights, and so much more.

He passed the new WOF without problems, we just needed to exchange one lightbulb ($20). More servicing history below.

If you'd like to negotiate the $6,000 ono -- let's do it. We are also happy to bring the car near you on the North Island, should you want to buy it quickly before someone else does. Mind you, we're only gonna give Spudley in good hands :). More photos and info on request (see below for further information).

Hope to hear from you soon, haere ra and safe travels,

Taylor & Benni

Before buying a campervan or car we recommend that you get the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic or have an inspection by the AA undertaken to ensure there are no major faults or problems. If you are renting or taking advantage of a buyback scheme make sure you have a valid contract in place.

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